Innermountain Distributing Company was established in 1985, when Ham DuBois had a vision.  His dream became reality when he purchased an old van, and on weekends started delivering paper bags and Tonic to Liquor stores up and down the Aspen and Vail Valleys.  He never could have imagined that all of these years later he would be employing over 65 full and part time employees, facilitate two warehouses, and on a daily basis run numerous trucks all over the Western Slope of Colorado.

Today, those same bags and Tonic are still being delivered to our customers, along with approximately 1500 other items.  Products come and go as we are constantly trying to provide the best portfolio for you, our customer.  Innermountain Distributing is proud to sell some of the products you identify with.   Red Bull Energy Drink, Fiji Water, Odwalla Juices to name a few.  We also have items that you may have never heard of such as Tosi Super Bites or Balance Super Food Shots.   From several different Brands of Kombucha, to Campbell’s Tomato Juice, to paper goods, or beverages and snacks of all kinds.  Spirits, wine and beer, to candy and everything in between, Innermountain Distributing Company has become the leader of New Age products on the Western Slope.

Whether it’s Big B’s Organic Juices, Bobo’s Oat Bar’s, or El Dorado Spring Water as well as many other products produced in Colorado, we strive to have the product that fills yours and your customers needs.

Gives us a call or drop us an e-mail if you are looking to open a new business, or just wanting to know what new products we have to offer.  Next time you see your Sales person, ask them… What’s new at Innermountain?